Support Our Local Businesses!

Many of our local businesses, eating establishments and retailers remain open and operational at this time. Please support our local business community, but we strongly encourage you do so responsibly, by following current CDC and expert healthcare recommendations pertaining to hygiene and social interaction. One of the great things about living in a small town is the customer service offered by small businesses. You can show local ❤️love by checking with our retailers for pick up and delivery services, order take out from our restaurants or buy gift cards or Chamber Bucks for future purchases!

Shout out to @commondeer for saying this so perfectly!

“While we socially distance, the only way we can get through this is TOGETHER as a community. And a huge part of the fabric of community are the restaurants, small retailers, salons, studios, gyms, and more that provide space, energy, resources, and love. But we also rely on you. Our small business community and the jobs they support may not survive an extended shut-in. Our heart goes out to all communities feeling the loss of life and major health impacts already. Our community has been responding quickly with measures that we agree with. As we socially distance, here are some easy ways you can help small business get through this. You are welcome to share.”