An update by the City of Springfield on clean up efforts – Tuesday, July 9, 2018:

“Residents of Springfield:

Clean Up Efforts are beginning on Monday, July 16, 2018 for anyone interested in volunteering to help clean up Riverside Park and Rothenburg Campground from the recent flooding.

Volunteer hours will be Monday – Friday 9am-3pm until the park and campground and ready to go.

All volunteers need to sign in each day/time they are working. This is required! All sign ins will take place each day at 8:30am at the Communtiy Center with a city worker in a flourescent yellow shirt. We also ask that you park at the communty center and walk to the park for work. When you sign in you will be notified in what areas you will be working that day.

All volunteers are asked to wear a bright colored shirt and close-toed shoes NO SANDALS! This is for safety purposes. We also ask you to bring any rakes, shovels or gloves from your home to use for clean up. The city will provide latex gloves.

Jobs that will be done are picking up sticks, garbage out of the fences, raking grass, shoveling gravel, etc.

Refreshments will be provided each day for all workers/volunteers. Anyone wishing to donate any cases of water, please contact Jill at the Communtiy Center.

The road into Riverside Park is open. We ask that residents/visitors of Springfield refrain from driving into the park as much as possible, especially when the clean up efforts go into effect next week.

Please stay out of the park areas and campground as they are CLOSED until further notice.”