Chamber Bucks

Springfield Chamber Bucks

Springfield Chamber Bucks are great for every gift giving situation – birthday, graduation, anniversary, holidays, employee rewards and incentives – the possibilities are endless.

Your purchase of Springfield Chamber Bucks also benefits our community. The use of Springfield Chamber Bucks insures that this money is spent in Springfield, benefiting Chamber member businesses, thereby benefiting the community while giving you more options for gifts.  Plus there are no fees.

Where Can I Buy Springfield Chamber Bucks?

The Springfield Chamber of Commerce Office and the three financial institutions in Springfield – F & M Bank, First National Bank and SouthPoint Financial Credit Union during regular business hours.

Denominations start at $5.00.

What Can I Buy With Springfield Chamber Bucks?

Springfield Chamber Bucks are easy to purchase, easy to redeem and can be used at a wide variety of businesses. Use them just like cash at any Springfield Chamber of Commerce member business.

Here’s a sample of what you can buy with Springfield Chamber Bucks:

• Gasoline
• Groceries
• Restaurant Meals
• Health & Beauty Aids
• Household Items
• Furniture & Home Decor
• Lawn & Garden Equipment & Supplies
• And much much more…….

Businesses that are not Chamber members may not participate in the Springfield Chamber Bucks program. If a business accepts Springfield Chamber Bucks and is not a Chamber member, the Springfield Chamber Bucks will not be redeemed. This program is to promote Chamber members and is an added benefit to our members.